About Us

We are a group of interdisciplinary specialists in risk management, insurability, applications engineering, safety, training, and project management to solve the real-world puzzle of commercializing the Hydrogen and Alternative Energy infrastructure. Not aligned with any one technology or company, Hydrogen Safety conducts expert independent 3rd party evaluations to provide a selected project with technically sound and economically supported opinions to mitigate risks and function successfully.  HS serves both the many existing users of Hydrogen and the emerging applications of Hydrogen as process gas and energy carrier.

Our Resources

Our professionals are very experienced with a broad range of expertise; most are professional engineers. Having worked in many different industries, their perspective on issues is fact upon current best practices and real world circumstances. Therefore our solutions to problems are prudent as well as practical. Vitae for our people are available upon request.

Be Our Partner

We understand that our critical role in the commercialization of Hydrogen and other Alternative Energy technologies is to impact the mitigation of risks. Therefore we actively encourage partnerships with other entities who share our vision for the future using Hydrogen and Alternative Energies. Contact our Managing Director, Doug Rode, to explore such relationships.